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The four Clans of Sunset Valley have coexisted together for many moons. Sweet and fair AppleClan, in the golden-hued orchards, BrambleClan whose minds and claws are sharp as thorns, the hard and dirty workers of ClayClan, and AshClan—formerly BranchClan—who’ve become shy and withdrawn since their territory was destroyed in The Burning.

But all has changed after leaffall this year, when the grounds turned frosty earlier than usual and the snow of leafbare suffocated any hint of warmth and life in the land. Prey has become scarcer and scarcer, whitecough and greencough strain the medicine cats to the breaking point, and now as newleaf arrives, despair and hopelessness are at the brink as the snows refuse to melt.

In the midst of the death and famine, the Clans struggle to stay together, alive, and sane. Unrest and treachery evolve, fueled by the desperation of the long winter. A strange, unsettling group of cats begin to form on the fringes of AshClan territory, causing rumors and paranoia throughout the Clans.

As Clan cats begin to mysteriously go missing, the residents of Sunset Valley must either fall to the claws of chaos—or remember the true meaning of the ways of the warrior if they are to survive.

More information about the revamp here!
Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart


Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart IMPORTANT LINKS Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart

Make sure the rank you want isn't taken before you apply.

:bulletyellow: - AppleClan

:bulletgreen: - BrambleClan

:bulletwhite: - AshClan

:bulletblue: - ClayClan

Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart MASTER LIST OF NAMES Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart
Make sure the name you want isn't taken before you apply.

Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart WARRIOR CODE Paw for WOTW by Warrioratheart
The rules that guide the Clans! Please note that some additions have been made and are important to know.
The Rules have been updated!

There are important changes you need to know, and I will copy them here:

Paw for WOTW by WarrioratheartRespect is expected. Any sort of comments that are racist, sexist, queerphobic, transphobic, ableist, or bigoted remarks of any kind will not be tolerated, and result in immediate removal from this group. Please contact any of the admins if you see or are receiving these kind of attacks, or any harassment, bullying, and abuse.

Paw for WOTW by WarrioratheartKeep your roleplay response level at a five-sentence (or one paragraph) minimum. No one or two-liners. Grammar and spelling knowledge are also required and appreciated, but if you have a condition that would impede this such as a broken keyboard, you are neurodivergent in a way that slows or impedes these skills, or if English is not your first language please contact any admin letting us know. We understand!

Paw for WOTW by WarrioratheartWe ask that you remain active in this group if you join. If circumstances arise that prevent you from doing so but you wish to remain in WOTW, please contact any admin letting us know your reasons for being inactive / less active. We all have lives, and that's okay!

Paw for WOTW by WarrioratheartIf you wish to leave this group for whatever reason, no explanation is needed, but we do ask that you contact any of the admins with a list of the cats that you roleplayed within the group so we may easily locate and remove them.

Paw for WOTW by WarrioratheartEach Role Player is restricted to one cat per Clan*. An is exception made if your cat has kits, and the roleplayers of each parent may take one of the kits to roleplay, any extra may be given to other roleplayers whom have only one cat.

*If you prove to be a dedicated roleplayer who's active in the plot, you may put in an application for a second cat (you cannot do this if you already have two cats from a kit birth.)

In regards to the stricter rule on the number of cats you are allowed, and those of you who have had multiple already, we apologize, but you are going to have to either spread your cats out into different Clans, or let go of some. We are restricting the number allowed to allow more room for more roleplayers to join.
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Clan Status

:bulletgreen: - AppleClan - To be updated

:bulletgreen: - BrambleClan - To be updated

:bulletgreen: - AshClan - To be updated

:bulletgreen: - ClayClan - To be updated






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